5 Excel Functions That Will Save you Time and Effort

Excel functions form the backbone of data analysis in Excel. There are more than 470 functions in Excel that can help you when working with numbers, text, or alphanumeric strings.


You don't need to know all the Excel functions of course. But if you get a grip on some of the important ones, then it can help you a lot in your daily work.


Here I am listing 5 Excel functions that you, as an analyst, must champion.

Must Know Excel Functions

  • VLOOKUP Function: In the world of Excel spreadsheets, VLOOKUP is the king. It is one of the most popular functions and helps you while working with large data sets. It looks for a value in a column and when it finds a match, it returns the corresponding value from the specified column. Here is a detailed guide on using VLOOKUP Function that I found online. Click here to get an in depth understanding of how this function works.
  • IF Function: IF function evaluates a condition and if the condition is met, it returns the specified value, and if not, then it returns the other specified value. For example, if you are grading students, you can easily check the marks are more than 35 or not. If not, specify it to return FAIL, else PASS.
  • SUMIF function: This function adds the values in the specified range if the specified condition is met.
  • COUNTIF function:This function counts the values in the specified range if the specified condition is met.
  • LEFT Function: This function is to be used when working with text. It can extract the specified number of characters from a given text string. For example, if I want to extract the first 5 alphabets from "spreadsheet", I can use this function.

These function will get you started. Once you have a good handle on these functions, start experimenting with other functions.


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